• How to beat bill shock

    How to beat bill shock

    With electricity and gas costs continuing to rise, it’s no surprise most of us are suffering from bill shock. It’s that dreaded moment when you open your power bill and realise just how much energy costs are impacting your household budget.

    That’s why we’re always on the lookout for the most advanced energy-efficient solutions available. As LED lighting specialists, we recommend the replacing of halogen downlights with LEDs - 85% more efficient and lasting up to 30,000 hours, they’ll save you a lot of money in the long run. One of our in-store lighting specialists can advise you on the most practical and affordable LED lighting solutions.

    LED downlights

    We’re also home to Australia’s biggest range of energy efficient ceiling fans. Nowadays, ceiling fans are a must for every home and there’s a style to suit every room – even alfresco areas. Most ceiling fans are equipped with a reverse function, so you save money through winter and summer. In fact, ceiling fans can cut your cooling costs by up to 90% when compared to air conditioning.

    Ceiling fan

    And if you want to dramatically reduce bill shock, talk to Beacon Solar about making the switch to solar. We can tailor a solar power system to suit your needs, with a range of superior solar panels and invertors. We also specialise in off-grid and battery back-up solar systems. To learn more visit the Beacon Solar website today for more information.

     Beacon Solar

    From energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling solutions and solar panels, Beacon Lighting has everything you need to help you beat the dreaded bill shock.

    9 September 2013

    How to beat bill shock

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  • Our top ten energy & money saving ideas

    We’ve found 10 of the best household tips from 10percentchallenge.com.au to save you stacks of cash at home. Take the challenge to reduce your energy use by 10%.

    1. Be appliance savvy. Buy the most efficient energy-rated appliances and you could save over $4,000 in electricity and water over the 10 years.

    2. Get turned off.  Switch off all your appliances at the plug when you’re not using them.

    3. Stop drowning in bills. Use a water saving showerhead and save an extra $100 annually. Take 4-minute showers. Install a solar hot water system and reduce your water heating bills by well over 50%.

    4. Shop around. Visit government price comparison websites such as www.myenergyoffers.nsw.gov.au or www.yourchoice.vic.gov.au to find the best deal.

    5. Keep winter bills cool. Buy the most efficient heater you can afford and keep thermostats at 18°C-20°C.

    6. Don’t launder your money. Wash full loads in cold water at off-peak times. Use a dryer sparingly and only at off-peak times. Whenever possible, hang your clothes to dry in the sun.

    7. Cook up the savings. Where possible, cook food in a microwave – it’s quicker and uses a lot less energy than a conventional oven. Fan forced ovens also use up to 30% less energy than conventional ovens.

    8. Lighten your energy costs.  Replace incandescent globes with energy saving globes that use up to 75% less power. Invest in new generation super-efficient LED lighting that can last up to 4 years. Visit Beacon Lighting, we’re Australia’s foremost advisers on energy saving lighting ideas!

    9. Don’t wait. Insulate. Insulation can slash your annual energy bills by up to $200 or more.

    10. Pump out the savings. Avoid needless acceleration and hard braking. Clear out the clutter from your boot and back seat. Properly inflate your tyres every 2 weeks. Avoid short trips and peak hour traffic.  

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