• Can I install my own lighting?

    In Australia it is illegal for a consumer to wire or install fittings in their home. Electricity is potentially dangerous and a qualified licensed electrician is always required for any hard-wired fittings. To save on installation costs, try to get all your lights installed in the one visit, as most electricians will charge a call out fee. If the electrician needs to come back over a number of visits it will cost a lot more than just the one call out.

    To save your electrician time (and save yourself money), you can prepare the fitting out of the box, or finish off dressing the light fitting yourself. The electrician is only required for the connection of the light fitting. If you feel confident to do jobs like hanging crystals on the chandelier, this will save you money.

    Many garden lights and some internal lights can be installed by handymen/women and these will be clearly marked as DIY (Do It Yourself). You can search for them under the DIY Lighting section of our website.

    19 September 2011

    Can I install my own lighting?

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  • Make your own illuminated firework art

    We love this illuminated firework art DIY project from Design Sponge.

    Illuminated firework artwork

    Using vintage photos, some paint, a pin and a short strand of lights, you can frame an artwork featuring fireworks lit up in the night sky. So cute and creative, and a great craft idea for the kids.

    Fireworks at night

    LED lights are the perfect choice for this project, as they don't get too hot.

    Make this next time you have something to celebrate that deserves fireworks!

    Images via Design Sponge

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